Diebold Call Centers Recognized for Technological Innovation and Efficiency

The International Quality & Productivity Center (IQPC) has awarded Diebold, Incorporated (NYSE: DBD) a Call Center Excellence Award for “First-Class Job Leveraging Technology for Efficiency and Automation.” The award, which was presented in June as part of the 11th Annual IQPC Call Center Week in Las Vegas, Nev., recognizes Diebold for deploying innovative call center solutions for rapid response to customer inquiries and service needs.

The Call Center Excellence Awards honor companies that demonstrate superior thinking, creativity and execution across a full spectrum of call center functions. By combining people, process and technology, Diebold’s call centers facilitate the delivery of comprehensive equipment repair, maintenance solutions and event response that ensures the highest level of operation and return on investment for customers. This includes the integration of technology into Diebold’s call centers that puts customers in control of their service options and facilitates the open communication that leads to better service outcomes.

“The Call Center Excellence Awards honor the individuals and companies whose focus on customer service and efficiency are setting the standards in the industry,” said Lisa Schulman, conference director, IQPC. “Diebold’s commitment to integrating technology into its call centers to enable seamless interaction with customers is raising the bar for automation and efficiency.”

From one central location, Diebold operates both a Customer Response Center (CRC) and a Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) Five Diamond Certified Monitoring Center. CRC employees provide rapid response to customer calls related to equipment repairs, error troubleshooting, maintenance requests and more. Monitoring Center employees continuously monitor customers’ assets, in addition to the health of a variety of security equipment and surveillance systems. Using cost-effective, customizable technology, Diebold offers customers options for initiating service calls and for tracking service status. These solutions help maximize equipment uptime and minimize service response times, while also reducing Diebold’s operational costs.

These technological call center advances help Diebold resolve the majority of more than 10,000 daily customer calls in just minutes. After a service call is placed, customers receive an initial e-mail outlining the details of the call. A color-coded, intelligent dispatching system helps prioritize calls based on the criticality of the service need. It also enables real-time monitoring of the progress of each call. Another e-mail is delivered once the call has been closed. This approach has resulted in 90 percent of customer calls being answered within 19 seconds, allowing for expedited resolution of the service or event-related request. In addition to a variety of call management and response technology, Diebold also offers online service management tools, as well as remote services capabilities.

“We are honored to have received a Call Center Excellence Award in recognition of our commitment to investing in the technology that enables us to better serve our customers,” said Dennis Deering, vice president, global infrastructure, operations, planning and support, Diebold. “Our customers are at the core of everything we do. By giving them the tools they need to effectively communicate with us, we are able to quickly and accurately identify and correct problems, with minimal impact on or interference with their businesses.”

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