NEP Debuts Four New Television Production Trucks Just in Time for Fall

Four brand new HD Television Production Trucks from NEP Broadcasting have hit the road this month. These new trucks are part of NEP’s plan for a continual focus on innovation and technology development. With a dedicated team of engineering experts, all four trucks include the latest technology and cutting-edge solutions to enhance the remote broadcasting experience.

NEP’s American divisions, NEP Supershooters and New Century Productions, have built brand new SS16 and NCPXIV, and in the UK, NEP Visions has released Gemini 1 and 2. This brings NEP’s fleet to 27 HD trucks and two 3D truck in North America, and 14 HD trucks in Europe.

“These four new trucks represent NEP’s absolute commitment to maintaining the best fleet in the industry. Our focus is always on providing our clients the best mobile production trucks, the latest technology and the top engineering expertise around. We are continually striving to maintain our reputation of excellence,” says Chief Technology Officer George Hoover.

Over the past two years, NEP has built nine brand new trucks, and has three more under construction this winter. To learn more about our top-of-the-line fleet of production trucks, visit

About the New Trucks:

SS16 is designed to be a fast and flexible solution that can scale to meet the needs of any show. Not only is this new truck able to handle the rapid set up required for one-day shows, but with wiring for 14 cameras, seven tape machines and several EVS servers, it has the ability to handle large-scale shows as well. In addition, SS16 was built to have an identical layout to SS18 and SS20, two other HD trucks in the Supershooters fleet. This will provide clients the ease of consistency between different mobile units, offering familiarity to crew and help reduce set times.

NCPXIV is a flexible and feature-rich truck. With wiring for sixteen cameras, 10 VTRs and several EVS servers, NCPXIV has the capacity to handle a variety of shows no matter how large or small. The layout features a large three-tiered production room with a virtual monitor wall and room for ten positions in tape. NCPXIV will serve as Showtime’s primary truck for boxing coverage.

Both Gemini 1 and 2 were built with a particularly unique design that allows them to do the job of three existing trucks while increasing operational capacity, reducing set and strike times, and increasing fuel efficiency. They can connect using only 10 Stratos Multicore Fibers and produce two discrete shows simultaneously. With two Kalypso switchers capable of taking in feeds from 30 cameras, space for 15 EVS and 6 VTRs, and 57 flatscreen monitors across the two trucks, they certainly pack a powerful punch. These trucks will be used for Sky’s coverage of the 2010 Premiership.

About NEP: NEP Broadcasting is the leading international provider of outsourced broadcasting services vital to the delivery of live sports and entertainment events. Serving the world’s premiere broadcast networks and production companies, NEP provides state-of-the-art facilities, engineering expertise and technical management to support telecasts of major events and programs around the globe. With more than 500 employees worldwide, including the finest engineering and technical management in the field, NEP Broadcasting is proud to serve networks, producers and organizations through services provided by its ten specialized divisions: NEP Supershooters, NEP Denali, NEP Visions, NEP Screenworks, NEP Studios, NEP Live Power, NEP Premiere Entertainment, NEP Roll to Record and NEP Cymru, along with mobile facility services provided by New Century Productions. NEP is majority-owned by American Securities, a private equity firm headquartered in New York, and NEP management. For more information on NEP, please visit our website at