Facebook Reunion Sparks Movie Deal

The sons of two entertainment icons find each other on Facebook and launch a collaboration.

Childhood friends Jon Goodman and Eric Larson made their first movie together as a birthday party activity when they were kids. Eric’s father, Glen A. Larson, is famous for producing TV shows like Knight Rider and Battlestar Galactica and has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Jon’s father, Dickie Goodman, is famous for being The King of Novelty records like Mr. Jaws and The Flying Saucer and holds the Guinness World Record for the most Billboard charted novelty/comedy hits.

The boys grew up watching or listening to each other’s father’s work. After losing contact for several years, Jon, now in PA, and Eric in AZ found each other again on Facebook, and began chatting about the movie Eric’s dad orchestrated for his birthday party all those years ago.

Like father like son, Eric is in the film business and Jon is in music. Eric has optioned the movie rights to Jon’s book, The King of Novelty – Dickie Goodman through his company, Larson Lane Entertainment. “I feel like I went full circle with the whole Facebook experience,” says Jon, who began using the social networking site to promote the availability of Dickie Goodman records on iTunes.

As Facebook fate would have it, social networking and business networking can go hand in hand. “I was just excited to reunite with a long lost friend from my childhood…” says Jon. “So making another movie together is icing on the cake!”

The two say they might set the release date on Eric’s birthday for old times’ sake.

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