Business Incubator Program Set to Launch, Provide Affordable Capital and Resources to Help Businesses Grow

Adams Online Ventures, a local business and technology firm, is launching a new program designed to assist local businesses and create jobs in the Jacksonville area.

The program is ideal for small businesses or entrepreneurs who need an infusion of funding or resources, but whose needs are too small to attract the attention of major Venture Capitalists. Through the Adams Online Ventures business incubator program, companies and entrepreneurs can apply for small loans, resources and assistance in order to get the help they need to achieve real growth.

Adams Online Ventures has been piloting the new business incubator program in recent weeks, with Yovia (, an Atlantic Beach-based social media marketing firm, as the first recipient of the program’s benefits. Yovia was in need of funding but was unable to get help through the locked credit markets. Adams Online Ventures provided growth capital and technical services, allowing Yovia to scale.

“We were badly in need of some technology upgrades,” said Jalali Hartman, CEO of Yovia. “Like most small businesses, we faced challenges with the one-time costs involved in making our business more efficient and scalable. Adams Online Ventures provided capital at a reasonable interest rate AND the professional development services we needed to actually implement the changes.”

“Any business would be very fortunate to be accepted into this program,” Hartman added.

The Adams Online Ventures business incubator program will officially launch in 2011, but the soft launch will continue for the next few months with a select few additional participants. Entrepreneurs and business owners who are interested in participating in the program or who would like more information can contact Adams Online Ventures here:

About Adams Online Ventures: Adams Online Ventures was founded by Internet industry expert Scott Adams, who has spent the past 15 years working on a variety of online projects that have been used by millions of consumers and businesses. He believes that anyone can build a great business if they have the right tools, and Adams Online Ventures is based on the concept of bringing the right people and resources together to create success.