GeoLearning Releases Extended Enterprise Podcast

GeoLearning, provider of the leading Software as a Service (SaaS) GeoMaestro™ Learning Management System (LMS) and comprehensive Managed Learning Services, presents a discussion with Frank Russell, president and CEO of GeoLearning, entitled “Getting Started with Extended Enterprise,” the company’s latest solution for partner training, sales enablement and reaching external audiences.

“What we’re talking about here with this extended enterprise concept is – how do we reach outside the organization to influence people that have a profound effect on the success of our business?” says Russell during the discussion with Craig Olson, director of marketing at GeoLearning. “This could be non-traditional employees, part-time employees or contract employees. But, more importantly, it could be independent selling agents, it could be channel partners and it could even be your customers.”

Delivered via the user-friendly Software as a Service environment, Russell says GeoLearning’s extended enterprise solution allows information to be accessed securely over the Internet, making it immediately available to those important external audiences. During the podcast, Russell also reviews numerous aspects of the extended enterprise, examples of GeoLearning customers utilizing the solution, questions to ask when considering the solution and GeoLearning’s newest offering, the Extended Enterprise Sherpa—a resource for convincing decision makers within your organization that in order to really maximize corporate performance, organizations must engage external audiences.

Listen to the “Getting Started with Extended Enterprise” podcast.

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