Xplana Aims to Extend Student Success Everywhere with Mobile Application

Xplana, the social learning platform that is changing the way students manage their academic lives, has announced the release of its mobile application for the iPhone.

With the mobile application, Xplana continues extending the level of student success outside of traditional educational settings.

“One goal of Xplana is to create a place where students can manage all their learning materials in one spot, including resources culled from the Web,” Rob Reynolds, Director of Product Design and Research for Xplana, said. “More importantly, we want to contextualize and enhance the learning they do online by establishing a place where students can study effectively and collaborate with other learners outside the classroom. With the new mobile app, we’ve given students the ability to study and be productive with Xplana anywhere they go.”

Students who download the application will benefit from many of the same features available through the full Xplana platform. For instance, students can access all of their notes, videos, flashcards, and other resources they’ve added to Xplana while on their iPhone.

Additionally, students can create content via the app, including taking notes, recording audio and video clips of lectures, and snapping photos of whiteboards or other helpful study objects—turning their iPhone into a powerful learning tool. More importantly, the next time students log in to the Xplana website, all of those resources will automatically sync from the application to the platform.

When coupled with the utility the online platform already provides, Reynolds said the convenience of the Xplana mobile app will be a substantial draw for the busy college student.

“We know students’ schedules are demanding and they’re always on the move,” Reynolds said. “Many work jobs—often full time—to put themselves through college, which of course is a full-time endeavor in its own regard. We don’t want to penalize them for having full schedules, so we’ve designed the Xplana mobile app for simplicity, convenience, and to support studying anytime, anywhere.”

Reynolds added that Xplana will soon release a mobile app for Android devices as well.

Registered Xplana users interested in downloading the iPhone mobile app can do so completely free of charge at the iTunes Store. Those interested in learning more or registering for a free Xplana account should visit www.xplana.com.

About Xplana

Xplana is an online social learning platform that connects learners to content and communities. Owned by MBS Service Company, Inc., the platform is free to students and features an open, modular architecture that provides an organized learning context for useful learning content and tools scattered about the Web. It simplifies the learning process by connecting students’ informal learning outside of the classroom with the formal platforms and structures of schools and institutions. Additionally, Xplana serves as an access and distribution point for premium content from educational publishers and other premium content providers, targeted to the specific academic subject need of the student.

For more information about Xplana, visit www.xplana.com or contact Rob Reynolds at RReynolds@xplana.com or 573-239-9025. You can access a digital press kit at http://media.xplana.com.