Settlement Affords Affected Cell Phone Users $200 for Unsolicited Text Message Promoting Robots DVD

A team of attorneys from Edelson McGuire, LLC has achieved a settlement in a class action lawsuit relating to the alleged transmission of an unsolicited text message advertisement to the cell phones of consumers nationwide. The lawsuit brought against the producer and distributor of the motion picture Robots alleged that the text-message advertisement, in which the Robots distributor retained a third party marketing firm to promote the DVD release of the motion picture Robots, violated a provision of the federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (“TCPA”).

The settlement, which was preliminarily approved November 17, 2010 by a Federal Court in Chicago, establishes a $16 million cash settlement fund out of which payments of up to $200 will be made to each cell phone user who received the Robots text message. The defendants Twentieth Century Fox and Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment LLC d/b/a have denied the advertisement violated any laws or was in any way improper or harmful to consumers.

Edelson McGuire in Chicago—a firm that regularly handles consumer technology class actions—were appointed by the Court to serve as attorneys for the class. “This settlement is an excellent result for the class members who received the Robots message and for cell phone users throughout the nation,” commented Ryan D. Andrews, a lead attorney for the plaintiffs.

Edelson McGuire’s Jay Edelson, Myles McGuire, and Michael J.McMorrow are also representing the class. Those who received the Robots message are encouraged to visit to learn more details about the settlement and how to apply for a settlement payment. Class members may also call the Settlement Administrator at 1-877-695-7495 or Edelson McGuire, LLC at 1-866-354-3015 for more information.