Local Entrepreneur Announces the Launch of TheGuiltyMom.com

Freedom Healing & Wellness LLC today announced the release of TheGuiltyMom.com, the first website to truly give mothers an easy and convenient way to eliminate guilt.

“In talking with moms, one thing that became very clear was that they were in serious need of a way to easily eliminate mommy guilt,” said Kim Ruch-Alegant, Coach and owner of Freedom Healing & Wellness. “That’s what TheGuiltyMom.com was designed to address.”

Mommy guilt is a chronic problem among both working moms and stay at home moms. Busy moms need a convenient way to release guilt, which affects not just mom, but the entire family. TheGuiltyMom.com gives mom a weekly e-class which allows her to eliminate guilt from the comfort of their home or office, when they have the time to do it.

“The initial response to TheGuiltyMom.com has been even better than we expected,” continued Ruch-Alegant. “I think what we are seeing here is that Moms are drawn to some of the other benefits as well.”

For example, Ruch-Alegant said that many moms were finding the bonus expert interviews an important added plus—a feature not available elsewhere. “We thought it was important, when creating TheGuiltyMom.com, to give even more than what people were asking for,” said Ruch-Alegant. “That’s why we didn’t stop with just the obvious angle. We really tried to cover all the bases.”

With membership in TheGuiltyMom.com, moms will now be able to:

-learn an easy process to eliminate guilt

-receive weekly reminders with links to e-classes

-receive bonus expert interviews on the topic of guilt

-gain access to hundreds of e-books on topics of interest to moms

-access audios and videos on topics like health, beauty, children, business and personal development

About Freedom Healing & Wellness LLC.

TheGuiltyMom.com is the first membership website launched by Freedom Healing and Wellness, LLC. Freedom Healing & Wellness LLC provides coaching services to moms throughout the USA. Moms come to us suffering from guilt, anxiety, or general “stuckness” and find relief through our energy coaching strategies. Customers can join TheGuiltyMom.com by logging onto the website and clicking on the join button.