VIP Communications Announces Milestone Achievements, Record Growth, in 2010

VIP Communications, Inc., a leading provider of international calling services and solutions, today announced several of the milestone achievements the company has experienced over the past year.

Over the past 12 months, VIP Communications saw its active accounts increase by more than 20 percent, establishing the company as the leader in quality and service in the international calling industry. Additionally, the company’s revenue grew to an all-time high, increasing by 28 percent.

Other groundbreaking milestones and achievements, which have helped to establish VIP Communications as the leading force in the international calling landscape, include:

  • Record-setting calling minute increases: Average monthly minutes of VIP’s callers increased by 17 percent, and the company achieved record annual minute totals over the past year, making 2010 a banner year for VIP’s calling volume.
  • Expat community growth: Building on the overall growth and increase in minutes that VIP experienced in 2010, the company also announced significant calling growth in several communities. For example, VIP’s Tanzanian, Moroccan and Ethiopian customer bases each increased by more than 100 percent, while Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Ghana grew by 64 percent, 39 percent and 16 percent, respectively.
  • Staff growth and headquarters launch: VIP increased its workforce significantly in 2010, expanding its staff by more than 30 percent. Additionally, the company moved its operations to new headquarters in Ashburn, VA, which includes a purpose designed suite of offices and a state of the art Customer Service Center, from where VIP provides its best-in-class Customer Service and Support.
  • New web site launch: VIP also launched its new official web site in 2010, The site includes new features and enhancements, all geared toward providing an easier and more enjoyable experience for VIP’s fast-growing base of customers from around the world, who trust in the brand for their industry-best customer service and calling quality.

“We are pleased to announce several of the milestone achievements which have made 2010 a truly remarkable year for VIP Communications,” said Graham Milne, President of VIP Communications. “These achievements validate or commitment to providing our loyal customer base of expats from across the world with a level of service, quality and affordable pricing that is not available elsewhere today.”

In addition to the record-setting growth achievements, VIP has also become a household name in the international calling industry, being recognized by renowned media outlets such as the BBC, CBS, Reuters, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and many others.

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About VIP Communications

Ashburn, VA based VIP Communications Inc. provides long distance and international calling services that enable customers to stay in touch with family and friends and business contacts, worldwide. VIP’s calling services are available from both land lines and cell phones at highly competitive rates. The company has experienced rapid growth in recent years by specializing in international calling services with excellent quality connections and world class customer service via its live person help desk. For more information about VIP, please visit