World Debut of Aigo 3D MP5 at

The 3D shock from James Cameron’s Avatar last year ushered in a new era of 3D technology that shook the film industry. The movie left patrons with a little regret that you can only put yourself in a 3D theater with heavy 3D glasses to watch a 3D movie.

Now DealExtreme has brought a brand new solution to this hassle. The 3D MP5 player PM5950, which is manufactured by Aigo Portable Digital Technology Co., Ltd, is soon to be available on The device is the world’s first naked eye 3D portable media player. You can carry it to enjoy vivid 3D movies anywhere and share it with your friends at any time. Its high resolution LCD screen enables you to switch between 2D and 3D mode to enhance the user experience. Having been famous for its low prices and free shipping delivery, DealExtreme will sell it at a price around $230.

As one of the leading online shopping websites, DealExtreme has a wide selection of electronic gadgets, most of which were manufactured by factories in Hong Kong and Shenzhen, China. In order to keep a top position in the B2C industry, specifically in providing various cutting-edge electronics gadgets, DealExtreme is seeking partnership with various branded companies, of which Aigo Portable Digital Technology Co., Ltd is a candidate.

Having successfully cooperated with some big names like PayPal and eBay, DealExtreme now realizes that it is crucial to have some local high tech companies join its supplier chain. These companies can bring most advanced products in a quick way to the product lines and this is quite an advantage when competing with opponents. There are already more than a hundred websites that follow DealExtreme’s business model in the past 2 years in hope of copying DealExtreme’s success, though none of them was able to reach the volume of DealExtreme.

With the large amount of users DealExtreme has acquired in the past years, Aigo chooses DealExtreme to make its first debut of the world’s first naked eye 3D portable media player. Aigo believes this is a win-win and could bring more attention to the product. Aigo also wants to present more cutting products on DealExtreme to reach the world. It is highly expected that their cooperation can benefit DealExtreme’s users and hopefully more “WOW” will be heard.