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Executive Summary

The Anywhere Web isn’t a dream anymore. It’s reality.

When Yankee Group first started evaluating mobile Web sites in 2008, not a single site was able to pass our tests. Admittedly, our tests were challenging because we believed in an Anywhere future where mobile content would dynamically adapt to the user, the device and the network on which that device worked. Many thought this was an unrealistic dream.

However, our evaluation of 48 mobile Web sites this year sees that dream fulfilled. Our third annual review of mobile Web sites finds:

– One third of all evaluated sites pass. The average score of the 48 sites we evaluate this year rises to 57, a new high. Sixteen of the 48 sites achieve a passing score of 70, demonstrating that companies have figured out how to adapt content to users, devices and networks effectively.

– Brick-and-mortar Walmart scores better on the mobile Web than online giant Amazon. Walmart tops our list of shopping sites with a very respectable score of 75, besting online brands such as Amazon, and

– Public transit sites such as can equal the efforts of top airlines like JetBlue. BART, Amtrak and JetBlue all tie for first place in our transportation rankings, despite dramatically different approaches to serving mobile users.


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