The Sports Network CEO Attributes Success to Staff

The Sports Network (TSN) – The CEO and President of The Sports Network, the nation’s premiere real-time source and wire service for sports content, gave significant applause and kudos to various members of the organization’s creative team as 2011 nears and, as he put it, “taking into account the valuable contributions that these folks make to our ongoing success and growth.”

In a somewhat unprecedented step, at a time when companies speak of themselves, what they have achieved as a small concern or huge conglomerate, Mickey Charles has extolled the talents, abilities and impact that some key members of his team have had on his company’s success of the past year and the anticipated and projected expansion of 2011.

“There is no applause sought,” he stated, “for determining recognition and recognizing it on a broader base than a ‘well done’ within the confines of our building, the conference or board room or my own office. Our mentality is, and always has been, what I have referred to as ‘street smarts’ and that evolves into a closely knit group, like the neighborhood where I grew up. Can I do this with every member of our company, all the managers, editors, writers, statisticians, research personnel, sales, administrative, technical and more? Not in one seating, speech or press release. But they know who they are, the best in the industry.

“Our focus, as 2010 winds down, is on our most significant area of concentration in recent months … site redesign, graphic changes, additional technology, preparedness for the Walter Payton Award, attention to phone apps for the new year, a new agate product, another gamecast … for the CFL … still more special events coverage and enough widgets to form an army of them.

“Rob Dougherty is our Director of Production and Design and has put together a team of which I am most proud. There is Michael Weslosky, a Colts fan that is tolerated but as good at what he does as Peyton Manning is at quarterback. He is our Managing Web Editor and attends to special events coordination and website maintenance. Alongside him is another Michael, Ruggieri, the man that makes certain all of our branded clients are happy in his role as Branding Coordinator whose ‘coverage’ includes client setup and services, technical troubleshooting and widgets as well as being the FCS Awards program cover designer. Acknowledgement and thanks also go out to Zaki Edwards, Senior Web Producer & Advertising Coordinator, overseeing ad code placement, ad monitoring, website maintenance and special events.

“Our gamecasts have met with standing ovations and that is due, in great measure, to Rob and Scott Laughead, Senior Web Producer and lead gamecast developer, with Tim Godfrey, Web Editor, and

Chris Rohrer, Web Producer rounding out just a few of the people that make our world, and those of our clients, go ’round. Heck,” he concluded, “they sure make me look good!”

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