Globalshareware: CrazyTalk6 Pro, Get the Virtual Flowing

The wait is over animators and digital content creators!! CrazyTalk6 Pro, the latest animation package is available on (another platform of DinoDirect) now. With this revolutionary animation tool, you can create amazing high quality digital content and animation with the least amount of time and unforgettable ease. It’s so easy to use that even a novice digital content creator / animator can put forth wonderful results.

CrazyTalk6 Pro offers a unique blend of features to take on the vivid set of challenges; like putting in a virtual-host, adding a virtual pitchman for marketing products or playing an animated character in a movie etc.; faced by the content creators and the digital animators. It specializes in animating any photo or image and putting it alive with very easy-to-use auto lip-sync. You can further add some emotions to the animated image using the mood-animations. Customized facial expressions can also be added in just a few clicks. All this can be done extremely easily and with great professional looking finesse. This animation package goes well with both the professional content creators as well as the amateurs like novices, students and educators. It simply gives an extremely easy-to-design solution with immediate high quality results.

One core feature of CrazyTalk6 Pro is multiple-actor animation. This feature is used to bring real-time multiple-actor dialogue sequences into life thus making the task of story-telling much easier. To capture and depict the true emotions VividEye technology is used in the animations. It highly increases the realism in the eye-ball movements of the animated characters.

This powerful animation package also includes a high-end image-transformation process that transforms any simple image of a human face into an attractive animated digital-character in a matter of few minutes. You can use this to create realistic looking animated characters for websites, any multimedia project or for any social-network animated-widget. The new timeline or stage design is also very simple but highly effective to carry out the whole animation effect.

CrazyTalk6 Pro is a very versatile and diverse software suite. It contains a whole gamut of relevant and high-quality default content that has been exclusively designed by the professionals. Then, you can use and have fun with the puppeteering panel. You can animate various facial expressions from just about nowhere in just no time. Interested in comic-strips? You can also create and publish your own comic strip with the comic-character feature of the package. It is very simple to use.

Latest Features in CrazyTalk6 Pro

  • Multi-character feature is extremely easy-to-use. It can identify and animate up to 4 characters in any picture or image.
  • Individual and separate frames – one for facial animation & the other for full body fitting and transformation.
  • The exquisitely designed image editor allows you to perform image processing and takes you to the face fitting procedure – all in the same window and in one go.
  • The “Face-profile Styles” let you design and animate characters having faces with realistic sort of behavior.
  • Improved facial-angle checks for the possibility of photo distortion during facial-rotation.
  • With the use of a sophisticated hair-mesh feature you can manage characters with long hair getting a correct and natural animation.
  • CrazyTalk’s masking tools have features that can instantaneously replace the original background image with any new image or scene in just a few mouse-clicks.

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