UBM TechInsights First to Analyze Samsungs 30nm-class DDR3 DRAM

UBM TechInsights, the preeminent provider of services for companies seeking to leverage and protect their technology and intellectual property, announces its in-depth technical analysis of Samsung’s leading-edge 30nm-class process technology within their newest DDR3 DRAM. This DDR3 device is the first commercially-available DRAM product to utilize this form of process technology.

This memory device promises up to 30% reduction in power consumption making it ideal for low-power portable applications in high-volume devices like smart phones and tablets. For Samsung it represents a doubling of the production cost-efficiency compared to previous 50nm and 60nm generations. Samsung first announced the development of DDR3 DRAM at the 30nm-class process node in February 2010.

UBM TechInsights’ analysis reveals that this new Samsung DRAM features double the memory density with only a 20% increase in die size over the previous generation. The 2Gbit die, labeled K4B2G0846D, revealed a measurement of 36mm2 as compared to the previous 1 Gbit die at the 48nm process node, which featured a measurement of 30mm2.

“This is a major milestone in DRAM technology and a significant technical achievement for Samsung. In general, very few semiconductor devices have made the transition to the 30nm process,” says Arabinda Das, Senior Process Analyst. “Lowering process nodes for DRAM is in some ways more challenging than for SRAM and NAND because transistor and capacitor density must both be increased. With this new DRAM, we’re now seeing how Samsung has addressed this and other challenges.”

UBM TechInsights’ leading-edge forensic technical analysis techniques, combined with years of experience in all aspects of the IP / Technology Lifecycle, enable the discovery and analysis of advanced devices such as Samsung’s DDR3 DRAM.

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