QualiSystems TestShell Honored with 2011 DesignVision Award

TestShell Test Automation software framework was announced today as the winner of the 2011 DesignVision Award in the Design Verification Tools category. The latest and most advanced version of TestShell for system testing (http://www.qualisystems.com/se-system), network testing (http://www.qualisystems.com/nems) and electronic device testing (http://www.qualisystems.com/electronics) will be showcased at the DesignCon show on Feb 1-2 in the Santa Clara Convention Center in Santa Clara, CA.

The DesignVision Awards celebrate the achievements of the most innovative semiconductor companies and the most successful design tools and related solutions in the industry. The winning products are selected on the basis of market vision, solution originality, and quality of implementation.

TestShell 4.3 offers complete automation of the testing process throughout the product lifecycle – from design verification testing through production floor testing – solving issues involving considerable cost, time and other resource investments.

Covering the entire testing cycle, TestShell provides programming-free test authoring, automatic test execution, advanced lab management, and comprehensive test reporting and analysis. Smooth and flexible equipment and resource integration, enhanced GUI control, data selection and powerful debugging features are also included in the long list of TestShell’s capabilities.

Eitan Lavie, QualiSystems Director of Technologies said: “We are delighted to be honored with the prestigious DesignVision Award, which further demonstrates the significant value that TestShell brings to the semiconductor industry as well as to electronic and network equipment manufacturers. TestShell’s value shines through in the design verification testing stage, allowing test engineers to conduct powerful data queries on test results and driving powerful decision support early in the process.”

DesignVision Award winners will be officially announced Tuesday, February 1st, at the annual DesignCon conference (http://designcon.techinsightsevents.com/).

Companies and media interested in viewing TestShell in action can schedule a live demonstration at QualiSystems Booth #811 at DesignCon. Contact us at: yael.b@qualisystems.com

About TestShell

QualiSystems’ TestShell is an end-to-end testing automation solution compatible for testing virtually any hardware, electronic device and embedded system. While providing code free test authoring, automatic test execution, advanced test management and comprehensive test reporting and analysis, TestShell helps equipment manufacturers and service providers to improve product quality, shorten time to market, significantly reduce capital and operational expenditures and streamline compliance and audit trails. More about TestShell: http://www.qualisystems.com/site/content/t2.asp?Pid=500&Sid=73

About QualiSystems

QualiSystems is a test automation pioneer. The test automation world is evolving from a collection of various tools to an enterprise quality management platform. QualiSystems’ mission is to provide organizations with unparalleled Testing Automation solutions that drive innovation, efficiency and ROI. QualiSystems’ TestShell Framework is used by leaders in diverse industries including telecommunication, mobile, aerospace and defense, automotive, electronics, medical devices and others. More about QualiSystems: http://www.qualisystems.com