Sonorys and Adfortel Join Forces to Introduce VoiceAds in Europe

Adfortel, developer of mobile advertising solutions, has signed a reseller partnership agreement with Sonorys, an Austrian-based leading expert in providing telecommunications solutions, for the integration of Adfortel VoiceAds Engine into Sonorys Boccacio platform.

This partnership will allow Sonorys to offer its mobile operator clients an innovative mobile advertising service by reselling the VoiceAds Engine in Central and Eastern Europe, in countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, among others.

VoiceAds are audio commercials that replace the standard call waiting tone during the waiting period for connecting a call. The key difference in comparison with traditional (advertisement) ring back tone services is that with the VoiceAds Engine the calling party is subscribed to the service as opposed to the called party. Consumers who opt in for VoiceAds are rewarded with incentives by mobile operators or promotions by advertisers. Operators are able to monetize the call waiting period and unlocking a new revenue stream. Advertisers can benefit from multiple daily direct contact moments and massive reach, with the possibility to target specific groups based on their user profiles.

“Mobile advertising is rapidly evolving into a promising form of ad visibility and technology will be a huge differentiator. As a technology provider, we are looking forward to work with Adfortel and together take VoiceAds to the next level”, says Jorg Meier, Managing Director of Sonorys.

“Adfortel believes it’s necessary to cover the whole ecosystem of the mobile advertising landscape to deploy mobile advertising services successfully. Therefore we have strong partnerships with mobile operators, media agencies, music labels, network vendors and system integrators. The partnership with Sonorys will open the doors for significant mobile operator opportunities. The system integration expertise of Sonorys is used for installation and integration the VoiceAds Engine service within the operators mobile network. We look forward to the first soon to be deployed integration of the service in the region”, says Vincent van der Goes, COO of Adfortel.

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