POINTek Enters a New Business Line for Passive Optical Component Packaging Beyond Athermal AWG Products

POINTek today announced a new optical product line business for defense application. The product, which will be based on the planar waveguide technology, is planned for production under a long-term and exclusive supply agreement with a major customer. The agreement initially covers an exclusive supply of the product, valued at $10M USD, for the next several years. Another part of this agreement covers that the manufacturing and measurement equipment costs for the product line are assumed by the customer. This initial agreement will bring another supply agreement of the similar volume in the next 12 months. This new product line has potential for extending to a much larger volume in the future.

POINTek’s CEO, Dr. TH Rhee, commented that the expertise in POINTek’s unique and proven optical packaging technologies successfully led to this new product supply opportunity with the customer. He added to the comment that the recent ramp-up in POINTek’s new manufacturing facility at Seongnam city near metropolis Seoul made it possible to make such a commitment to the customer and that upon inspection of the new facility, the customer was convinced that POINTek has been solidly positioned to deliver optical products and packing services.

This successful development of the new business line will not only broaden POINTek’s business opportunity but also it will add another cash cow to support POINTek’s strong R&D efforts continuously, in order to bring innovative products out to the market as well as to introduce improvement to the current athermal AWG product family to the existing customers.

Commemorating the 10,000th AWG unit release last March at the new facility with engineering and production staffs, Dr. Hyung Jae Lee, POINTek’s CTO, said, “POINTek specializes in packaging athermal AWG Multi/DeMultiplexers. Leveraging POINTek’s IPs in packaging athermal AWG, however, POINTek has been able to branch out and produce integrated DWDM optical channel monitors and other athermal AWG-based subsystems,” and, “Opening the new optical product for the defense market through our specialized packaging know-how poses little challenge to us in terms of technology base and support,” he added. POINTek’s current athermal AWG family of product supports for WDM-PON, Metro/ROADM, Long-Haul and CATV applications.

Both senior executives expressed their continuous commitments to their core products in the multitudes of the athermal AWG family products, and these products will be shown at the forthcoming OFC/NFOEC Exposition in Los Angeles, March 8-10, 2011.

About POINTek

POINTek (Planar Optical Integration Technology) was launched in 2000 to promote PLC-based optical component and packaging service, and positioned as a niche market player in athermal AWG specialty products. Tuned in with broadband access via WDM-PON initiatives in telecommunication carriers in Korea as well as global broadband services, POINTek quickly became a world leader in athermal AWG through specific IPs and know-hows about process engineering in optical packaging for delivering high-performance and reliability at the lowest cost possible. For more information, visit http://www.pointekinc.com or http://www.athermalawg.com.