VIP Communications Launches VIPConnect for Blackberry and Android

VIP Communications, Inc., a leading provider of international calling services and solutions, today announced the launch of VIPConnect, a mobile application that makes it simple for customers to use VIP’s low cost international calling service from their mobile phones. VIPConnect is free to download and currently available for all Blackberry and Android devices with an iPhone version to be available before the end of the summer.

Using VIPConnect, customers can call directly from their mobile phone address book, with no need to remember PIN codes or dial access numbers. They just dial the international number, or select it from their address book, choose ‘Call using VIPConnect’ at the prompt and the call is connected at VIP’s low international calling rates.

Blackberry users can download VIPConnect from Blackberry App World, and Android users can do the same from the Android Market Place. Alternatively customers can go to to download the app.

“VIP Communications has been able to build a loyal following of customers from all countries throughout the world who have come to trust our brand for providing them with the most reliable and highest quality international calling service in the industry,” said Graham Milne, President of VIP Communications. “The launch of VIPConnect is another example of our continued commitment to providing our loyal customers with the level of innovation and convenience that they have come to expect.”

This announcement continues to build on the momentum VIP Communications has achieved recently, and solidifies its presence as the leading international calling provider to expats living in the US. Over the past year alone, the company has increased its customer base by more than 30 percent and expanded its service portfolio to include business and mobile services. The company has also earned recognition for its ‘No Hidden Fees’ philosophy, which assures customers pay only the per-minute rate that’s advertised, and not any additional fees or service charges.

The company has also become a household name in the international calling industry, being recognized by renowned media outlets such as the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, The New York Times, CBS, and many others.

To visit VIP Communications’ web site and learn more about the company, please go to For more information on VIPConnect and registration information, please visit

About VIP Communications

Ashburn, VA based VIP Communications Inc. provides long distance and international calling services that enable customers to stay in touch with family and friends and business contacts, worldwide. VIP’s calling services are available from both land lines and cell phones at highly competitive rates. The company has experienced rapid growth in recent years by specializing in international calling services with excellent quality connections and world class customer service via its live person help desk. For more information about VIP, please visit