CONTEX Summit® Solution Amps Up Collaboration

The new Compunetix CONTEX Summit® release 2.17.0 introduces new and valuable collaboration tools for the Collaboration Service Provider. With the release upgrade, the CONTEX Summit now features a host of new operational features for providers including the ability to customize call flows for customers, additional visible call metrics in the operator console, enhanced reporting, and even more language options. The new software also has the highly anticipated media processor partitioning option, which allows the conferencing system to be segmented into logical “virtual” segments for increased customer satisfaction and operational efficiency. In particular this capability enables CSPs to easily handle multiple resellers in the same large platform or segment operational staff to handle sensitive firewall or government calls.

“Compunetix is sensitive to the needs of the Collaboration Service Provider market,” notes Mr. Benjamin Krokosky, Director of Software Engineering at Compunetix. “We continually add features that introduce new revenue streams, increase ROI, and are adaptable to grow and change with the business model.”

The CONTEX Summit is the cornerstone media processor in the multipoint collaboration industry, combining the quality, reliability, and feature richness of traditional solutions with the flexibility and cost effectiveness of IP-centric, next-generation communication. Featuring unmatched scalability, open-system APIs for development, and a full roster of complementary software and control applications, the Summit supports all call types, endpoints, and markets for a full-featured solution. For more about the Summit, please visit

About Compunetix

Compunetix is the leading manufacturer of multipoint collaboration equipment and Web collaboration software in the world. With nearly one million ports installed in more than 28 countries, the company has the industry’s largest worldwide deployment of digital teleconferencing systems. Dedicated to customer-focused and innovative technology, Compunetix engineers and manufactures all aspects of its conferencing equipment, ensuring its customers that their media processors are the highest quality, most reliable and most flexible solutions available. For more information call Robert Haley at (800) 879-4266 or (412) 373-8110, or visit the Compunetix website at