Are Your Servers Stretched to Their Limit?

Because the demand for data storage, bandwidth and faster disk I/O is growing exponentially, servers are being stretched to their performance limits – and beyond. Many servers are being run at higher risk levels despite the fact that crashes cost significant man hours and money to correct. At the same time, IT managers are tasked to “make do” with existing hardware and maintenance budgets.

Diskeeper 2011 Enterprise Server pulls together all the innovative breakthroughs Diskeeper Corporation has developed for uncompromising maximum server performance regardless of size, traffic or mission. Server administrators get full speed and efficiency from their servers with zero management required.

“Diskeeper Corporation was able to provide an end-to-end solution, with centrally deployed products catering for all our servers, storage solutions and desktops. Solutions including fragmentation prevention on-the-fly with IntelliWrite, to the massive volume handling of the Titan Defrag Engine, have improved performance and productivity throughout our organization.” – Adrian McGarry, Senior I.S. Manager, Licensed Trade Charity

“Prior to installing Diskeeper EnterpriseServer, our virtual resources were running low and backup was taking hours to complete. While performance of the application was still within acceptable levels, we wanted to head off any problems by pro-actively addressing disk fragmentation.” Peter Drouillard, Associate Systems Analyst, Trinity Healthcare Information Services.

Diskeeper 2011 Enterprise Server includes new IntelliWrite(R) fragmentation prevention technology that eliminates up to 85% of all the fragmentation before it is written to disk. It works closely with new Instant Defrag(TM) technology to ensure peak system performance at all times. The energy and cooling savings alone return the investment quickly, but the effects of preventing fragmentation on a server go much further than that. Fast file access, mission-critical reliability and extended longevity reach levels previously unavailable with defrag-only technology. For mega-terabyte volumes in mission critical high-throughput enterprise servers, Titan Defrag Engine(TM) technology handles pre-existing fragmentation fast, regardless of traffic load.

Titan Defrag Engine(TM) Technology

Titan Defrag available in Diskeeper Enterprise Server is the most powerful defrag engine ever built, eclipsing even the previous technology leader – the Terabyte Volume Engine(R). Titan was specially developed for the largest of data volumes ever created. It can quickly handle volumes up to 20 terabytes and more. But even if your volumes are smaller, Titan Defrag Engine is perfect for mission-critical servers that must be defragmented fast, throughout the day, and without being taken off line.