COPAN Announces the Launch of WASPLab

COPAN is proud to announce the worldwide launch of WASPLab™ , a barcode driven and conveyor-connected specimen processing system, which utilizes robotic plate management to automate specimen workflow in Microbiology.

WASPLab™ can manage various aspects of specimen processing and workup including planting and streaking, Gram slide preparation, enrichment broth inoculation, robotic incubation and storage, plate image analysis, AST/ID inoculum preparation, Kirby-Bauer disk application, and even MALDI-TOF Target Plate Seeding.

“We have developed WASPLab™ with the future of Microbiology in mind and an ongoing commitment to provide a solution for an automated single-piece flow system for specimen processing,” says Norman Sharples, COPAN Diagnostics’ Executive VP. At a time of diminishing resources where laboratories are pressured to grow business within current space, labor and expense constraints, WASPLab™ represents a clear solution to automate the tedious tasks of specimen processing and subsequent workup and frees scarce laboratory personnel to perform tasks that require their interpretative skills.

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