Creative Approach to Help Your City

Last year a concerned citizen launched a creative website to encourage citizens of Fort Worth, Texas to give their ideas for solutions to the city’s problems.

The site,, gives a voice to citizens who have good ideas but are unable to attend city council meetings or simply do not know whom to contact. This unique way to dialogue with citizens concentrates on four topics: a safe city, strong neighborhoods, a sound economy, and civic engagement.

Additionally, local citizens learn more of how their city government functions and what other citizens “really think” about local issues without relying solely on traditional media.

The site’s founder, Cathy Hirt, who formerly served on the city council, said “ is a website for people who care for our city and who have creative thoughts of how to make our city even better.

“Every city should have this type of input from regular citizens, community and business leaders, and others. It’s amazing how many great ideas are generated,” concluded Ms. Hirt.

Ms. Hirt recently announced her candidacy for Mayor of Fort Worth where she intends to “take the next step and get some of these great ideas into action.”