ADVIZOR Solutions® Inc. Ranked #1 in Customer Experience in Recent Survey

Data Discovery and Analysis Software provider ADVIZOR Solutions, Inc. has been changing the way its customers work with their data, and has become a leader in the Business Intelligence community. ADVIZOR was recently ranked #1 in Overall Customer Experience in a Gartner customer survey. ADVIZOR offers unique Data Analysis and interactive visualization capabilities which are easy to use and provide powerful results.

“In today’s economic climate it is more important than ever for businesses to effectively understand and analyze their data. Until recently, the ability of detailed data analysis was only available on large-scale server-wide implementations, or through complex and difficult to use client products targeted at analysis ‘experts’. ADVIZOR makes analysis of complex data easy for all types of business users at a very affordable pricepoint,” said Doug Cogswell, president and CEO of ADVIZOR Solutions.

ADVIZOR’s clients span a wide range of industries and “problem areas”. The consistent theme is rich data combined with the need for business people to “explore it” and “slice and dice it” to get answers to their questions. “The combination of data discovery and visualization enables our end-users to uncover hidden relationships they didn’t know existed. I’ll often hear, ‘Why didn’t we have this data before?’ If fact they did have it – in a report. They just didn’t weren’t able to access it and see it,” said Judy Doherty, Director of Information Management Systems at Dartmouth College, and an ADVIZOR customer.

“Most data analysis software is either hard to use or cluttered with complex reports, flashy charts, and complicated analytics. ADVIZOR’s products enable individual users to perform serious data analysis quickly and easily, with just a few clicks of a mouse,” says Cogswell.

“The first time I saw a heat map, I thought, ‘No one’s going to be able to understand these things.’ In fact, heat maps have proven ‘incredibly powerful’ in their ability to combine and reflect multiple dimensions,” says Doherty. Visual display enables end-users to understand their data in ways never before possible, and the human mind remembers the patterns and the resultant implications. The combination of strong visual analysis with easy to use predictive modeling provides a whole new way for end-users drill in for answers.

Gartner gathered information on three aspects of the customer experience: software quality, support, and sales experience. ADVIZOR was ranked #1 for Overall Customer Experience out of 25 vendors.

* Gartner Report Referenced: BI Platforms User Survey, 2011: Customers Rate Their BI Platform Vendors; ID Number: G00211769

About ADVIZOR Solutions®, Inc.

ADVIZOR Data Discovery and Analysis software enables people to make better and faster fact-based decisions from their business data. Built on patented visualization and in-memory-data-management software from Bell Labs and best-of-breed predictive analytics from KXEN, ADVIZOR empowers business people to understand and analyze information without relying on others to prepare or interpret the results. ADVIZOR enables this through:

  • Simple and clear visual display;
  • Easy ad-hoc interaction and analysis with a mouse;
  • Flexible thick and thin client deployments; and
  • Tight integration with common databases and office tools


ADVIZOR is world-class in empowering people to display, analyze, and share their business information.