Berkery Noyes Hones in on ‘DNA of M&A’ With Sophisticated Classification System

Berkery Noyes, the leading independent investment bank specializing in the information content and technology industries, is reporting that its MandAsoft data is delivering an unprecedented level of insight into mergers and acquisitions (M&A) activity around the Information Industries.

Built around a patented technology that uses a “business genome” to find similarities between transactions and companies based on their “genetic” traits, Berkery Noyes’ lexography solution describes a complete line of business, including the audience served and the products and services offered. This more thorough and accurate system allows the firm’s M&A professionals to match companies based on vertical and horizontal focus.

Berkery Noyes executives indicate these classifications are proving to be a tremendous tool for the firm’s Managing Directors to assist with sourcing acquisition targets as well as providing trends analysis on the constantly evolving Information Industries, which include the Online, Mobile, Media, Software, Traditional Media, and Publishing spaces.

“MandAsoft is essentially the culmination of all the internal database work we’ve done since 1997,” says John T. Shea, Chief Operating Officer for Berkery Noyes, “and it’s taken us well past classifying businesses by type only. Our folks have always known their industries extremely well. This just makes them that much better.”

Managed by the same Berkery Noyes in-house research department that has covered the convergence of information-related industries since the late 90s, MandAsoft provides M&A data on the Information Industries via a hosted, graphically enhanced, searchable database. The MandAsoft database includes over 12,000 transactions and almost 25,000 companies.

The firm reports to have tracked and mapped over 50,000 companies with its proprietary classification system.

“Hard as it is to believe, we used to track M&A activity on Spreadsheets,” says Shea. “I have to think a lot of people still do. I can’t overstate the value of a system like MandAsoft in this complicated marketplace. The insight we’re gaining is unparalleled.”

Berkery Noyes makes its extensive database available to a larger audience through, a hosted version of its transaction data. Users can personalize the system to create custom segments, create a bookmark list of deals, set alerts on a per-segment basis, and modify the sector navigation chart to show only preferred sectors. enables users to search companies and transactions in seconds and without any technical knowledge or initial need of an analyst.

Shea says anyone interested in M&A will find to be highly useful but the service is really geared toward C-level executives looking to find a match for their products and services. “It’s the best way I know to get information fast on deals in the Information Industry.”

Basic access to provides a weekly e-mail alert and the ability to review recent transactions at no charge. Anyone interested in a free sign-up or seeing the system work can visit

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