INDUS Corporation Strengthens Business Growth Team

INDUS Corporation (INDUS), a leading Federal Information Technology (IT) solutions provider, today announced several recent additions to strengthen the Corporate Business Development and Growth organization to better serve its Federal customers.

Terry Fitzpatrick

Mr. Terry Fitzpatrick has been appointed as the Senior Vice President of Business Development and Growth and is responsible for business development, growth, account management, and enhancing the INDUS brand. Mr. Fitzpatrick will lead INDUS’ business development through a continual learning process to bring innovation and efficiencies to customer projects thereby increasing capabilities and career advancement of INDUS technical staff. He has dedicated over 30 years to honing business development and sales processes, with 20 of those at SAIC, to keep pace with customers’ evolving needs.

Mr. Fitzpatrick, joined INDUS in late 2010 after a long successful career opening new accounts in Federal and Commercial market sectors for SAIC and Sperry Univac (UNISYS). He led SAIC into major new account federal agencies in IRS, PTO, EPA, healthcare and commercial accounts in financial services and telephony. Mr. Fitzpatrick had a pivotal role in two of SAIC’s strategic new account wins opening up new large market areas in healthcare and environment.

Mark Tanner

Mr. Mark Tanner has been appointed as Vice President of Digital Forensics and Financial Fraud Detection practice. In this role, Mr. Tanner will lead INDUS’ efforts to address business process and data challenges resulting from extensive information sharing among law enforcement, public safety, and the intelligence community.

Prior to joining INDUS, Mr. Tanner spent five years in private industry focused on data analytics and wireless technologies. Mr. Tanner’s government service includes an exemplary 22-year career with the FBI. He served as Director of the FBI’s Foreign Terrorist Tracking Task Force (FTTTF), which was created following the terrorist attacks of 9/11. Previously, Mr. Tanner was Deputy Chief Information Officer, developing plans for modernization of the FBI’s IT infrastructure.

Nino Milanese

Mr. Nino Milanese has been appointed as Senior Fraud Detection Consultant in our Digital Forensics and Financial Fraud Detection practice. In this role, Mr. Milanese will provide extensive business process and modeling experience in financial fraud detection, identification of improper payments, and audit trail development to INDUS project teams.

Mr. Milanese has 25 years experience in analyzing business process components for detecting financial fraud and improper payments combined with the technical acumen in using data matching and data mining techniques. His experience includes use of DBs for verification, status, and earnings. Mr. Milanese was the lead person in Social Security Administration (SSA) in matters regarding potential fraud to obtain Social Security cards or benefits. He served SSA for 21 years as Deputy and then Director of Center for Security and Integrity.

Donald Donovan

Mr. Don Donovan has been appointed as Senior Homeland Security Advisor. In this role, Mr. Donovan will bring a broad range of experience to guide INDUS business strategy and solution identification in support of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) mission business priorities.

Mr. Donovan’s background encompasses 34 years of Federal law enforcement experience in leading, managing and consulting on security operations worldwide. He served as a senior executive leader of the nation’s oldest Federal law enforcement agency—the United States Marshals Service—managing a multi-billion dollar budget and over 5,700 employees. Mr. Donovan is a recognized expert in federal corporate governance and budgetary processes as well as strategic planning and policy formulation.

“Terry brings passion and expertise to leverage INDUS Corporation’s culture and services capability to address problems of national importance. He brings a time criticality mindset from his commercial best practices background and a proactive process to leverage the business and technical acumen of our diverse technical staff. ”

“I am pleased to have Mark, Nino, and Don join our team to leverage the INDUS culture of innovation and responsiveness in support of key challenges within law enforcement, intelligence, financial and public safety agencies. Financial fraud and cyber attacks have generated challenges for traceability to identify criminal behavior and attribute evidence to those responsible. DHS mission needs and a tight budgetary environment require innovative performance based solutions. Our team will leverage and enhance INDUS capabilities to address these challenges.”

About INDUS Corporation

INDUS Corporation is a privately held provider of IT services meeting mission-critical requirements of United States Government Civilian, Defense, Homeland Security, and Intelligence organizations. INDUS’ services include Secure IT Infrastructure, Actionable Intelligence, Software Applications Management, and Enterprise IT. INDUS is an International Organization for Standards (ISO) 9001:2008 registered company, has been externally assessed as Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) Level 2-compliant, and adheres to IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) concepts and practices for managing IT infrastructure, development and operations. For more information, please visit