Siemens IT Solutions and Services Named Winner of Outsourcing Relationship Management “RMMY” Award

Siemens IT Solutions and Services, a global outsourcing provider, was named the winner of the Best Performance Management Award as part of the third annual Outsourcing Relationship Management Awards – the RMMYs – sponsored by Vantage Partners and the Outsourcing Institute. Siemens received one of only six awards given.

“This is an extremely meaningful award for us because of how hard we have worked to develop our Customer Experience program,” said John Evers, President and CEO of Siemens IT Solutions and Services. “Based upon our own internal metrics, we knew that we had a solid program, well integrated throughout the organization. This award validates one of our core business strategies–establishing trusted partnerships with our customers. Achieving ‘trusted partner’ status is a business imperative we heavily invest in and this award reflects that,” said Evers. “The improvement in our Net Promoter Score® over time speaks to the quality of our efforts in achieving an all time high in customer loyalty. It’s wonderful to receive this recognition by such a respected name in the industry.”

“Our panel of expert judges chose Siemens as the 2010 RMMY Award for Best Performance Management because of the collaborative approach Siemens IT Solutions & Services take with their customers in developing, monitoring, and truly using metrics effectively to manage engagements,” said Frank Casale, CEO of the Outsourcing Institute. “The judges believed that Siemens IT Solutions & Services application demonstrated that they understand the importance of measuring what really matters and demonstrates a repeatable and adaptable methodology for the way we determine appropriate metrics for a given relationship.”

Vantage Partners and the Outsourcing Institute established the RMMY Awards in 2008 to broaden the dialogue about the importance of relationship management in achieving value, and to raise the bar for the industry. Siemens IT Solutions and Services also received a RMMY Award in 2009. “While most buyers and providers have come to recognize how much relationship management matters, not everyone has invested in developing the skills, processes, tools, and metrics necessary to manage relationships effectively,” said Danny Ertel, a founding partner of Vantage Partners. “The RMMYs allow us to recognize providers who are setting the bar high for relationship management.”

According to the RMMY judging panel, Siemens IT Solutions and Services was particularly notable for their:

  • Extensive use of Net Promoter Score (NPS) as an indicator for relationship performance. Everyone, regardless of their level in the organization, is measured against NPS.
  • Approach of combining Quality & Continuous Improvement and making that a key driver in ensuring positive customer relationships.
  • Usage of Six Sigma in adding value to the customer.
  • Customer-centric, Critical to Quality workshops, in which Siemens works collaboratively with their customers to remediate performance issues when they arise.


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About Siemens IT Solutions and Services

Siemens IT Solutions and Services is an internationally leading provider of IT solutions and services. It covers the entire IT service chain from a single source, from consulting to system integration, right through to the management of IT infrastructures. In addition, Siemens IT Solutions and Services complements the portfolio offerings of the Siemens Sectors with IT solutions. With its comprehensive know-how and industry-specific knowledge, the IT provider creates measurable added value for its customers. Siemens IT Solutions and Services employs more than 35,000 people and posts annual sales of about $6.3 billion, of which more than 75 percent are generated outside of the Siemens Sectors. More information at:

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