MindGenius Version 4 Now Released

MindGenius Ltd has now released Version 4 of its popular mind mapping software, MindGenius.

MindGenius 4 boasts new ways to brainstorm and present ideas and information, and adds improved analysis, task and project management capabilities that let users develop and deliver more innovative solutions and projects than ever before.

The new brainstorming mode offers maximised space to view information in a new unstructured layout and makes full use of the unique MindGenius Question sets and categorization features. Users can move from brainstorming to action quickly using automatically created category or question centric maps on exit from the brainstorm.

The new presentation mode extends the power of visual communication to presentations with the ability to easily convert maps into slides and deliver fully formatted presentations directly from MindGenius. Users can deliver interactive presentations where information can be captured live onto the slides during the slide show.

There is also a range of enhancements to the existing analysis, task and project management features of MindGenius, including visual categorisation, improved filtering and new Gantt chart link and constraint types.

Derek Jack, Director of MindGenius, believes that this latest release will further strengthen MindGenius’s reputation as the Mind Mapping tool that helps users deliver business processes:

“This new release was developed to capitalise on the existing strengths of Version 3, as well as take the brainstorming, presentation and task and project management capability to the next level. As with all MindGenius releases, every feature and piece of functionality was added to support a specific business process and have been tried and tested in a real business environment.”

Stuart Orr, Managing Director of EALA Comms Industry, Accenture, believes: “Since I started using MindGenius it has enabled me and my international teams of managers to greatly improve our collaboration and productivity. Through utilising MindGenius for brainstorming we are able to rapidly assemble key topics, sort the data and immediately assign priorities and actions. In addition, now being able to present ideas directly from MindGenius means our presentations can be interactive, and more visual. MindGenius is a key tool in our application suite to help give us competitive edge.”

Find out more about new features and functionality, and download a 30-day free trial at http://www.mindgenius.com, or view a short video on what’s new in version 4 at http://www.mindgenius.com/New-in-Version-4.aspx

About MindGenius

MindGenius has been producing mind mapping software for business and education since 2001 that allows users to capture, visualize and manage their information. In doing this, personal and organisational productivity can be enhanced.

MindGenius is the only mind mapping software tool that focuses on aiding key business processes such as brainstorming, presentations, strategy and project management and was originally conceived to support the successful compliance management solution, Q-Pulse from Gael Ltd.

It is one of the few mind mapping software applications that has evolved from these core beginnings inside an actual business environment, and every single feature and piece of functionality has been added to help businesses successfully tackle the issues they face on a daily basis.