U.S. Branding Group Introduces World’s First Anti-Virus Secure Webkey

Technology marketing solutions company U.S. Branding Group, LLC announced today that their patented USB Insert™ nano webkeys that are integrated in any custom physical print media such as brochures, direct mail and magazine ads are now certified McAfee Secure, thus becoming the first and only webkey on the market with anti-virus certification.

“Our cutting-edge webkeys are the first to be integrated in any print media,” said Rich Butler, Managing Director. “Now we can offer further assurance to our clients that our webkeys pose zero threat to the browsing experience, making our print to web marketing solution that much more attractive to advertisers and marketers.”

Customizable die-cut paper-based webkeys were first introduced in 2009, and according to Butler, have been steadily gaining in popularity. Consumers simply detach and insert the webkey into any USB port, PC or MAC, and are then instantly and seamlessly taken to a landing page, microsite, multi-media presentation, e-commerce site and more, where they can learn, engage, participate in a promotion, or simply shop. With no more lengthy URLs to memorize, and no flash memory or programs to download, USB Insert™ nano webkeys, with simple plug-and-play technology, represent a new generation of affordable mass media marketing solutions that deliver results.

About U.S. Branding Group, LLC

The U.S. Branding Group, LLC is a global innovator, creator, and manufacturer of technology-driven and educational marketing solutions with particular focus on the healthcare market sector. With offices in South Florida, New York, L.A., London, Sydney and Hong Kong, their latest patented technology combines the world’s smallest nano webkey with any custom physical print media, including publications, seamlessly connecting users to exclusive landing pages or microsites.

USB Insert™ nano webkey and CORalytics™ Tracking Software are proprietary offerings of the U.S. Branding Group, LLC and are available exclusively through the Company and their authorized agents and distributors.

Intellectual Property Notice:

The technology for the USB Insert™ nano webkey, also marketed in North America as USB Flyer™, Paper Webkey™ or Pharma-Drive™, is the subject of various patents owned by Intermed Asia Ltd., which is owned by the global marketing group of companies known as the Polyconcept Group. Specifically, Intermed owns China Utility Patent No. ZL 2009 2 0003116. 5; Hong Kong Patent No. HK1123679; and PCT Application No. PCT/IB2009/005504, which includes the European Union, the United States, Australia and New Zealand. Each of the patents is directed to Intermed’s technology for covering the appearance and configuration utility which offers customizable USB webkeys integrated into a die-cut, detachable cardboard holder, which is integrated into a larger printed paper or cardboard piece. The USB Insert™ Nano Webkey is sold under exclusive licensing rights granted in North America, Australia and other countries to the U.S. Branding Group, LLC (dba The USB Group). Intermed Asia, Ltd. and their agents will vigorously protect and defend the intellectual property associated with the USB Insert™ paper webkey.

For more information, visit http://www.webkey.com or contact Shane Pitta, EVP Business Development, shane@webkey.com, or Cory Williams, Director of Technology & Product Development, phone: 561-966-8070 or email: info@webkey.com or cory@webkey.com