Young Minds Face the Challenges of Economy and Technology

In an economy where people have begun to place value on frugality, Roger and Kristin Mozden launched their company, Edge Tech Repair, to the top of the charts for technology repair. Finding themselves jobless last year, they decided to make a name for themselves in a new industry.

Edge Tech Repair, a company owned and solely operated by this young couple out of Seattle, Washington, recently upgraded their repair equipment, making them one of the top-notch computer and game system repair shops in the United States. The equipment they use to perform hardware-based repairs is a sophisticated dark infrared, digital rework station, the Bird 5000, one of only a few machines in its class.

The difference this machine makes in their business is astounding. In repairing game consoles, especially, a “fix” can be temporary because the problem that creates the need for the repair continues to occur. With the Bird 5000, the repair is more like a factory refurbishment. They have also added Reballing to their list of services, a process which involves de-soldering and re-soldering BGA chips from the motherboards of systems, making the system like new again.

Edge Tech Repair specializes in repairs and services for Xbox 360 & 360 Slims, PS3 & PS3 Slims, Nintendo Wiis, laptops, desktop computers, and building custom computers. Their expertise in computer hardware and software does not stop there; they also design and publish custom websites. They service the Puget Sound area out of their shop in Seattle, and out of state via shipping.

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