RO|ReferenceView Simplifies Management Request Work Flows for Customer Reference Program for Blackboard

RO|Innovation, the industry leader in innovative customer reference technology solutions, announced today that Blackboard Inc. has chosen RO|ReferenceView to streamline the management of its global customer reference program. Blackboard is a global leader in enterprise technology and innovative solutions that improve the experience of millions of students and learners around the world every day. ReferenceView is a powerful web-based customer reference management solution that easily integrates with CRM platforms, like®(1), to serve as a centralized reference database and complete customer reference management system.

“Our customer reference program is supporting twice as many inquiries as it has in previous years,” said Tricia Sale, senior manager of the client reference program at Blackboard. “With an increased volume of customer reference requests coming in, we sought a solution that would integrate with®, give our sales and marketing teams a comprehensive reference view, streamline reference request workflows, and make it easier to track and measure the usage of individual customer reference activities.”

Prior to implementing RO|ReferenceView, reference requests were handled through email coordination and an internal database of reference-able customers. When the number of customer reference requests grew, Blackboard needed a more automated way to handle the request process and recognized the importance of doing so within a platform that sales already used intimately on a daily basis. Blackboard chose to use the integration of ReferenceView with® to give sales personnel the ability to quickly search available customer references, submit a request for new references, nominate a customer as a potential reference, and track the effectiveness of reference assets in their sales opportunities without ever leaving the CRM.

“RO|Innovation had just what we needed. The seamless integration of ReferenceView with® has smoothed and accelerated the process of identifying and fulfilling the right references. I now receive all pertinent information upfront, which has greatly streamlined communications. The improved workflow efficiencies have freed up my time to focus on more important activities – like growing stronger relationships with customers,” Sale stated.

“We are very proud to have Blackboard onboard as another successful RO|Innovation client,” said RO|Innovation CEO Jim Mooney. “We constantly strive to set the bar for innovation in customer reference technology and pride ourselves on going above and beyond with clients in our delivery of customer service. Helping Blackboard overcome its customer reference program challenges in a way that has brought them success has been a very satisfying accomplishment for our team.”

About RO|Innovation

RO|Innovation (, formerly References-Online, develops solutions that address real challenges in the sales and marketing landscape—from on-demand databases that make managing the customer reference experience more efficient to sales enablement solutions that help engage prospects on all levels. The RO|Innovation suite of solutions includes: RO|Enablement, RO|ReferenceView and RO|Testimonials.