Wholesale iPhone 4 Cases and Phone Accessories Online Available

Shenzhen Wuzhou Changlian International Trading Co., a leading online iPhone 4 cases and phone accessories distributor home and abroad, is pleased to announce its wholesale service is now available, products ranging from cell phone cases of various phone models to tablet covers, mp3 player accessories with both unit price and special wholesale prices to meet customers’ different needs.

Considering the importance of a cell phone case to the cherished phone for a phone user, products offered by Wuzhou Changlian adopt superior quality materials. To customize more textures of phone cases, the company also introduced a series of materials to try new stylish models, hard, soft, downy, smooth, slim and thin, thick, etc. There is also a breakthrough in color choices compared with traditional editions, bright, dark, gradient colors, transparent or translucent ones and especially rhinestone cases with bling lights are all available. In hot summer, the company is specially introducing a series of cool clear iPhone 4 case models, they are translucent but colorful colors, which can give phone users a fresh cool feeling in hot weather. To expand our service zone, the online website now also wholesales various models of cell phone cases, such as Blackberry. There are now thousands of kinds of phone accessories, from chargers, kits, headphones, usb cables to armbands, replacement parts (keypads, track balls ) and so on. Besides, to promote newly-introduced mp3 player accessories and tablets cases and peripheral products, the company listed these products with a special price, customers can protect or repair their electronics with our cases or tool kits and replacements, which can save quite a lot of money.

A bundle sale for cell phone accessories has just began and will last a period of a month. They are with a more than 15% discount in a bundle sale than purchasing separately. Customer can choose the wanted combination of these accessories, or inquire customer service staff to customize products, quantities or kinds.

A variety of phone cases, mp3 player skins and tablets harmors and relative accessories are available on www.callphonecase.com.