MyPRGenie Introduces Blog Genie, an SEO and Social Media Feature for Bloggers to Better Promote and Publicize Their Blogs to Millions

MyPRGenie, the one-stop PR, social media and marketing platform, has launched a ground-breaking feature to help bloggers gain increased online visibility and exposure. With over 156 million active blogs across the Web, bloggers are constantly looking for new ways to reach more readers. Now through MyPRGenie’s innovative publicity engine, bloggers can easily publicize their blogs to journalists and readers worldwide.

“With over 156 million active blogs across the Web, we saw a compelling need for a free, easy-to-use SEO and social media solution for bloggers looking to promote their blogs and business,” says Miranda Tan, CEO of MyPRGenie. “MyPRGenie’s mission for Blog Genie is simple: to help bloggers easily and effectively publicize themselves and significantly increase their exposure online.”

According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere 2010 report, bloggers are increasingly using social media tools to share their blog posts. A recent survey conducted by Technorati also revealed that nearly half the bloggers worldwide are based in the US and 65% of them are hobbyists, which means that they might not be able to tap into marketing avenues that established companies have at their disposal.

To overcome this bottleneck, MyPRGenie has launched an effective feature exclusively for bloggers who are looking for a free and easy-to-use publicity service. As 90% of bloggers use some form of multimedia on their posts, MyPRGenie’s photo and video release feature is ideal for promoting blogs online. Here are some of the advantages of using Blog Genie:

  • Free search engine optimization for blogs
  • Connect with journalists who share your passion for the topics you blog about
  • Create a newsroom for your blog on MyPRGenie
  • Get blog posts automatically featured on your Facebook and Twitter profiles
  • Share news, videos and photos easily


“We had some users that used MyPRGenie for their blog postings and they have seen their Blog Posting increase traffic from 700 clicks to over 100,000 clicks, an increase of more than 2000% after use of MyPRGenie,” said Tan. “MyPRGenie designed Blog Genie to give bloggers an unmatched tool that they can use to easily publicize their blog, connect with journalists and improve traffic.”

About MyPRGenie

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