Next Generation of Background Screening to be Offered Exclusively by Sterling

Sterling Infosystems Inc., the third largest background screening company in the world, announced that they will become the exclusive distributer of Social Intelligence Hiring, a pre-employment social media screening solution developed by Social Intelligence Corp. Beginning today Sterling will offer social media hiring services to its customers and other background screening companies, allowing for state-of-the-art screening in an FCRA compliant system.

Social Intelligence Corp prides itself on being able to discover previously unknown talents, awards, and achievements of candidates through publicly available online content, as well as assist in screening undesirable applicants by uncovering relevant information that human resource professionals may legally consider in the hiring process.

“Today we take our first steps into the future of background screening as we capture the opportunity of social media,” said Bill Greenblatt, CEO. “Social media has come to define our digital existence, however only recently have we been able to combine deep social media searches with compliance practices in an effective solution. We now can dive into this pool where so much of the world’s population practically lives.”

In an FCRA-compliant manner, Social Intelligence became an industry leader by allowing companies to responsibly use social media information in a fair, non-discriminatory, respectful way, so that hiring managers can have access to the most modern and relevant sources of information, while redacting irrelevant or “protected class” information that companies are also exposed to through social media.

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About Sterling Infosystems

Sterling Infosystems, Inc. ( is the third largest background screening firm in the world with an international presence known for industry leading turn-around-time, customer service and expertise in customizing solutions for industry specific needs. Additionally, Sterling offers a broad range of services, including student screening services, corporate due diligence and background investigation services, occupational health services, and employment-related business tax consulting in the United States and in 200 countries around the world. With a decade as one of the fastest growing background screening companies, our 9,000+ clients range from leading Fortune 500 firms to small and medium sized businesses.

About Social Intelligence

Social Intelligence Corp. ( specializes in providing social media background checks for pre-employment screening and active monitoring of employees. Their services enable human resources professionals to leverage the benefits of social media screening while reducing the legal exposure of conducting searches internally or not doing them at all. Social Intelligence is an objective third party that generates FCRA, EEOC, and state law compliant reports based on employer-defined criteria that preserve fair and consistent hiring practices.