4D Security Solutions Expands Urban Management Capabilities

4D Security Solutions, Inc. — 4D today announced new capabilities that enable cities and municipalities around the world to improve public safety while elevating levels of services. Offered through an exclusive partnership with Microsoft Corp., these new capabilities employ the latest technology and critical infrastructure protection measures to provide a safer tomorrow in the world’s quickly growing urban environments.

“In an era of rapid urbanization, cities and municipalities face a host of new challenges, from financial and socio-economic issues to transportation and water management,” said Robert Paski, CEO of 4D. “At 4D we understand that new solutions and products are necessary to collect and interpret complex information from various sources to effectively cope with the challenges of today and tomorrow while ensuring the free flow of people, resources and goods.”

Serving as the core of these new capabilities, 4D’s Wisdom Command and Control software pulls raw data from security and critical infrastructure sensors, including: CCTV, Radar, sonar, chemical, biological, explosive, X-ray, access control, fence detection, biometric, license plate reader, electrical grid monitors, and water level monitors. Leveraging Microsoft technologies, this information is then matched with public safety data to identify correlations and patterns. Public safety data may include: 911 call locations, criminal records, past event details, warrant records, traffic congestion systems, first responder GPS locations, critical supply storage levels inventories and locations, and hospital occupancy, among others.

All information is automatically unified and visualized to provide a complete situational awareness to decision makers and first responders. Following the event, all information is packaged for review and forensic analysis and then distributed via MS SharePoint.

4D and Microsoft are already deploying these capabilities for a major US East Coast city to address the increasing demand on police to prevent, investigate and solve crime. This project includes elements of a Real Time Crime Center combined with an Urban Critical Infrastructure Protection Program.

For more information about 4D visit http://www.4-dsecurity.com.

About 4D Security Solutions Inc.

After 9/11, 4D Security Solutions Inc. was established by New York’s most prominent business organizations who tangibly understood the gravity and extent of damage that terrorism can cause. Headquartered in New York City, 4D maintains technical and research facilities in South Plainfield, New Jersey.

4D provides integrated, turnkey security solutions worldwide for the diverse global challenges from sabotage, terrorism, and theft. 4D security solutions provide protection for critical infrastructure, airports, seaports, strategic installations, national borders, industrial and petrochemical facilities, and large metropolitan areas. For that purpose, 4D Security Solution’s structure and approach reach beyond expertise in integration and technologies to include world-class risk analysis analyzing security structures from federal to critical asset levels.

4D’s leading laboratories are currently analyzing and developing future, cutting-edge technologies. These technologies incorporate our unique behavioral threat assessment techniques, thereby anticipating the next generation of security challenges and solutions.

Additional information may be obtained at http://www.4-dsecurity.com.