High 5 Games Reaffirms Status as Top Game Creator as Black Widow and Golden Goddess Surge

There’s a new top dog in town – well, actually two new top dogs. The CEO of International Game Technology, Patti Hart, announced on Tuesday’s earnings call that the company’s longtime top performing slot machine game Wolf Run had been surpassed by two new titles this year.

The two new games that have been revolutionizing casino floors are Black Widow and Golden Goddess – both of which are H5G creations.

“The success of Black Widow and Golden Goddess is a testament to the dedication and experience of our staff,” said Anthony Singer, CEO and president of High 5 Games. “These games were developed with the player in mind, and we are thrilled to see that so many players are enjoying them today.”

Hart said that the success of these new games have knocked a familiar title out of a top spot it has held for several years.

“Our legendary Wolf Run game, the No. 1 performing title for many, many years, was surpassed by two titles this quarter – Golden Goddess and Black Widow, both of which are playing significantly above-floor averages,” said Hart.

Black Widow and Golden Goddess showcase the new Super Stacks feature. Dr. Stuart Zoble, vice president of research and development for High 5 Games, developed this new feature in collaboration with Singer.

“Tony [Singer] and I wanted to enhance the overall playing experience by designing games that would feature a longer sustainable period of playing time, while simultaneously rewarding the player with thrilling events and the potential for big wins,” said Dr. Zoble. “We rethought some of the basic assumptions of slot play and went to work developing new mathematical frameworks that would increase the thrill of each spin. Super Stacks is one of the products of that work.”

Dr. Zoble hinted that players could expect to see these innovations embodied in new features and new games in the coming months.

“We are ecstatic that the first two games incorporating these new ideas are having such unprecedented success, and we are eager to see all of our games in development out on casino floors in the near future,” said Dr. Zoble.

Black Widow portrays an edgy and mysterious character in the leading role, while Golden Goddess depicts a dazzling and glowing heroine.

“Black Widow and Golden Goddess epitomize H5G’s renowned artistic style, so players should have no problem finding them on the casino floor,” said Joseph Masci, the creative director of H5G. “We take great pride in both the artistic look of our games and their innovative game play. These two games are fantastic examples of the latest evolution of our brand.”

For more information on Black Widow and Golden Goddess, go to www.h5g.com.