NetSuite Charts Course to Ecommerce Success for Magellan GPS

NetSuite Inc. (NYSE: N), the industry’s leading provider of cloud-based financials / ERP software suites, today announced that Magellan GPS, a leading portable navigation consumer electronics company, has adopted NetSuite to overhaul its Ecommerce operations. Keeping its business on course, Magellan GPS has eliminated its home-grown legacy Ecommerce system for NetSuite’s cloud-based solution to run Ecommerce, marketing, merchandising and customer service. In addition, NetSuite’s powerful SuiteCloud development platform enabled rapid deployment and integration with its existing corporate ERP instance, Oracle Financials. As a result, Magellan GPS has reduced Ecommerce technology expenditures, streamlined online shopping processes for customers, improved call handle times, tripled daily transaction processing and improved fraud management. And NetSuite met Magellan GPS’ aggressive deployment goals. For information about how Ecommerce businesses run better on NetSuite, please visit:

Adopting NetSuite instead of continuing to pour resources into an outdated solution has made it possible for Magellan GPS to enhance its direct-to-consumer Ecommerce offerings, boost the productivity of the Ecommerce team, and ensure stability and scalability for years to come. “NetSuite unifies our telesales, support, and Ecommerce efforts on a single platform, and gives us real-time order processing unavailable with our outdated legacy system,” said Renato Siljeg, Head of Information Technology for Magellan GPS and MiTAC Digital Corporation. “We have tripled our productivity, enhanced our risk management, and reduced our overall Ecommerce IT expenditures by more than 20 percent switching to NetSuite.”

Based in Santa Clara, Calif., Magellan GPS (also known as MiTAC Digital Corporation) has more than 200 key patents in GPS technology and is recognized as an industry innovator and leader. As the company expanded its offerings to new mobile and outdoor product lines, including the RoadMate App for iPhone, the limitations of its legacy Ecommerce system became clear. The software was inflexible and required extensive customization to support the new product lines, which would have escalated IT costs and slowed the company’s responsiveness in the fast-moving market for GPS products. Transaction processing was nowhere near real-time, delaying order flows and obscuring insights into Ecommerce success. And Magellan GPS wanted an Ecommerce technology partner with deep roots in the industry, proven product scalability, and acceptance by publically traded companies.

NetSuite now enables Magellan GPS’s Ecommerce marketing and merchandising teams, as well as its 200 customer service representatives, to provide a superior experience for buyers. The superior merchant gateway and deep integration with well-known fraud protection and risk scoring has made it possible for Magellan GPS to triple the number of orders processed per day while cutting Ecommerce-related IT spending by more than 20 percent. Creating new products and associated workflows is done at least three times faster than it was with the previous system, and the deep integration provided by the NetSuite solution has reduced call handling times by 35 percent and overall transaction processing times by 10 percent. Magellan GPS manages over 800 transactions per day through NetSuite.

NetSuite’s SuiteCloud development platform offers flexibility and extensibility that have helped Magellan GPS enhance its partner selling programs with major brands such as AAA, Penske Racing, and Micron. Working with NetSuite SuiteCloud Developer Network (SDN) partner Celigo, Magellan GPS has achieved tight integration between the NetSuite Ecommerce solution and its corporate Oracle ERP financials, which provide major improvements in logistics, order flow, and the ability to process transactions in a timely and accurate fashion. Using NetSuite single sign-on technology, customers can seamlessly upgrade their products online without the need for additional credentials.

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