Blancco Extends Data Erasure Support to iPhones and iPads

A new Version of Blancco Mobile Edition Released Today Enables Fast and Secure Erasure of Personal and Corporate Data From iPhones and iPads, Relieving the Increasing Threat of Sensitive Data Leaks

Corporations using iPhones and iPads and recyclers of iPhones and iPads worldwide can now use a data erasure solution called Blancco Mobile Edition to safely erase sensitive personal and business data like emails, photos and contacts before replacing, selling or disposing of the equipment.

The growing IT asset recycling industry will now be able to use this cost effective and regulatory-compliant Blancco Mobile Edition to erase large numbers of iPhones and iPads and produce individual audit reports showing vital evidence of the erasure process.

As smartphone devices and data usage plans become more affordable, the global smartphone market is poised for explosive growth, with shipments expected to grow 55% in 2011 and approach one billion units by 2015.[1]With this influx of new devices, businesses and IT asset recyclers and disposal specialists need a fast and secure way to remove all sensitive data from a variety of older smartphones before they are replaced.

“Many corporations don’t realize that when they upgrade or recycle their staff smartphones, both private and business data – like contact details, family photos, company emails and personal web use history – is still accessible in the smartphone’s memory,” said Ari Korpelainen, VP of Products for Blancco, the global leader in data erasure and end-of-lifecycle solutions.

“Resetting a smartphone back to factory defaults does not permanently destroy data as data can still be recovered. This poses a serious data breach risk and therefore is not an effective erasure method. Using Blancco Mobile Edition ensures that the user data on your smartphone is permanently erased.

“The reports provided by Blancco Mobile Edition after each erasure provide peace of mind that the smartphones can be reused or sold without fear of data leaks. These reports are critical as they provide proof of erasure for audit purposes.”

In addition to erasing data on the iOS (iPhone and iPad) platform, which ranks second in U.S. market share for smartphones,[2,3] and third globally,[1] Blancco Mobile Edition also supports Android, BlackBerry, Symbian and Windows Mobile platforms. The software lets companies connect multiple smartphones to a PC for simultaneous erasure and allows an operator to erase more than 300 devices per day, a labor and cost savings advantage over complex manufacturer-specific data removal methods. This new version of Blancco Mobile Edition will help ITADs and corporations to facilitate one erasure and reporting process for all common smartphones.

More than ever before, security authorities are pointing to the risks associated with improper decommissioning of smartphones and recommending memory wipe processes before recycling or disposal.[4] Using technology certified to industry standards, Blancco Mobile Edition helps companies implement an end-of-service policy similar to that for PCs and servers to support safe reuse or secure permanent disposal of smartphones, which hold gigabytes of data in internal and external memory. With Blancco Mobile Edition erasure reports, companies can conduct security audits with confidence.

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