New Technology Solutions Company Launches in Atlanta

TekStream Solutions, LLC, announced today its launch as a new Atlanta-based information technology services firm. The company will specialize in providing content management, enterprise portal and resourcing services to enterprise businesses, and has already signed on notable Fortune 500 clients.

The executive management of TekStream consists of Rob Jansen, CEO; Judd Robins, Executive Vice President, Consulting Services; and Mark Gannon, Executive Vice President, Resourcing Services. The trio, together with its senior team of experts, has deep and extensive experience delivering long-term and cost-effective technology solutions for large clients in a wide range of industries.

“After decades of enterprise companies investing in technology solutions for many individual business units with different functional needs, companies are left with disparate systems and deep inefficiencies. They are challenged to manage the volumes of content and internet-based services that have been created during a transition to digital content,” Jansen said. “Our specialty is finding solutions to these company-wide problems faced by enterprise businesses, such as consolidating and streamlining systems and creating ‘anytime, anywhere access’ to data for employees and customers.”

According to Jansen, newer technologies have resulted in a changing work environment that involves an experienced and mobile workforce. Companies must make it easier for knowledge workers to share, connect and collaborate across geographies. TekStream helps companies make information and services available to workers across many different channels and devices.

TekStream also serves companies looking to rebuild staff previously trimmed during the down economy and executives looking for ways to restructure teams with greater efficiencies. Rather than hiring full-time workers, companies can turn to providers like TekStream who offer extremely experienced talent that specialize in their unique business challenges to reduce risk and increase business agility.

While there are many industries and technologies, TekStream has developed “repeatable solutions” to address similar needs, such as compliance that allow companies to adhere to industry standards. The company has achieved “trusted advisor status” with large software suppliers such as Oracle that provides clients with deep product expertise, access to product roadmap/strategy and unparalleled support.

About TekStream Solutions, LLC

TekStream Solutions is an Atlanta-based technology solutions company that specializes in addressing the company-wide IT problems faced by enterprise businesses, such as consolidating and streamlining disparate content and application delivery systems and the market challenges to create “anytime, anywhere access” to data for employees, partners and customers. TekStream’s IT consulting solutions combined with its specialized IT recruiting expertise helps businesses increase efficiencies, streamline costs and remain competitive in an extremely fast-changing market. For more information, visit