Defrag Solutions for SAN Systems

Storage Area Networks or SANs are designed to excel at optimizing access however data performance can still suffer due to file fragmentation in the OS environment and SANs may be “unaware” of such fragmentation. The obvious solution is to defrag the OS file system, but that alone does not completely resolve data performance degradation.

Since fragmentation consists of incontiguous pieces of files and free space randomly scattered across a disk, writing or accessing such file fragments causes the operating system to generate numerous unnecessary disk I/Os, leading to higher system overhead and lowered performance.

In the SAN environment, the randomness of such I/O requests (due to fragmentation and concurrent data demands) can cause the blocks that make up the file to be physically scattered unevenly across the SAN environment, further degrading performance.

The optimum solution to these problems is simple where Diskeeper® 2011 Data Performance Software is installed: the first is to prevent as much fragmentation as feasible before it occurs and then swiftly defrag any residual fragmentation.

Diskeeper provides these solutions in SAN systems utilizing IntelliWrite® fragmentation prevention technology and Instant Defrag technology, as indicated in this comment from the Wyre Forest District Council:

“The Enterprise Server backs up files at the block level so the Backup-to-Disk data store has 45 million files on 3 main servers with a total storage of 7 TB. In the last 24 hours Diskeeper prevented 8.5 Million fragments and saved a total of 124 million disk I/Os.”

The new Diskeeper 2011 Server & Enterprise Server Configured for SAN are designed for simple and straightforward implementation; they arrive pre-configured for optimization in SAN infrastructures and align to SAN defragmentation best practices.

“We started at 40% fragmentation on the E drive and 43% on the F drive of our EMC SAN clustered servers. In a few hours we were at 0% for both. I am absolutely amazed at how easy Diskeeper was to install and configure.” Partners HealthCare – Brigham & Women’s Hospital

Diskeeper 2011 Server & Enterprise Server Configured for SAN yield higher-level performance by providing simplified and straightforward implementation with exclusive advanced innovations that prevent fragmentation while providing effective defrag solutions for SAN systems.