Southern California Company Makes a Play for Cloud Based Storage and Online Backup as a Platform

Pro Softnet Corporation, a world-class provider of cloud storage, online backup, compliance and remote access solutions for consumers and business, today announced launch of a new file system and a set of APIs to access the file system, called IBackup EVS.

With its IBackup and IDrive online backup services, Pro Softnet Corp. is one of the leaders in the online backup segment hosting over 17 PetaBytes of Data, and over 800k users.

“We needed a next generation file system and a set of APIs to access the file system that would let us scale to 100s of PetaBytes of data. We created such a system, called IBackup EVS (Encrypted Versioned File System). We redesigned IBackup, our flagship service to use these APIs. Then, we asked ourselves; why not make these APIs public so that third party developers and our partners could create custom online backup and storage solutions focused on high level of security with built-in encryption on storage with a private key option, efficient transfers and versioning support.

“We believe that the EVS platform can be a great option for many niche storage uses that have a need for high level of security such as Medical Data,” said Raghu Kulkarni, CEO of Pro Softnet Corp.

The EVS platform details are available at

The company is hosting an event called Cloud.e 2011 at Palo Alto, Four Seasons, CA on Aug 31st highlighting this launch.

The Calabasas, CA company hosts its data at 4 data centers of which, 3 are located Southern California.

About Pro Softnet Corporation

Headquartered in Calabasas, CA, Pro Softnet is a privately held company specializing in cloud storage, online backup, remote access, compliance and related technologies serving the consumer, SMB, and Enterprise market segments. Core products include IDrive®, IDriveSync®, IBackup®, and RemotePC™.