ZAGG #1 Brand in Mobile Accessories

Just six years ago, ZAGG was a good idea backed by a lot of willpower, and now we have exploded into a dynamic, fast-growing company, traded on the NASDAQ, with over 20 million of our flagship product, the invisibleSHIELD, sold to date worldwide. Recent NPD date puts us as the number 1 brand in mobile accessories.

In June 2011, ZAGG acquired iFrogz, a privately owned company that develops and markets mobile device cases and audio products in the value-priced, lifestyle sector, with an emphasis on design and creativity. With the acquisition of iFrogz, ZAGG Inc is in now the largest publicly traded accessories manufacturer in the world. ZAGG is a world market leader in the sale and development of films, skins, and accessories that protect, personalise, and enhance interaction with handheld electronic devices. iFrogz has built a reputation for selling high quality, fashionable products including eye-popping protective cases and exciting audio products geared toward a youthful demographic at an affordable price point. ZAGG® is a leading mobile device accessories provider featuring innovative films, skins, audio and power solutions that protect, personalize, and enhance the mobile experience. ZAGG’s products are distributed worldwide with popular, award- winning brands such as the invisibleSHIELD®, ZAGGskins™, ZAGGsparq™, ZAGGbuds™ and ZAGG LEATHERskins™.

Exclusively at Showstoppers ZAGG will be unveiling and showing off some new and innovative products that will further cement ZAGG’s zealousness to handheld electronic devices.