Quick 121 Sales Announces Updated Free Web Presentation Software

Quick 121 Sales announces the release of the 121 Presenter v 3. The 121 Presenter, developed as a tool for delivering impromptu web presentations for B2B sales, is now able to communicate through Opera Unite. Opera Unite is a technology platform from Opera Software™ that allows direct computer to computer collaboration across the web.

“By tapping into the power of Opera Unite, 121 Presenter users can start delivering instant presentations within minutes after downloading our free software,” said Mark Alan Hill, Quick 121 Sales owner. Hill continued, “The number one request from users was to make the program easier to use, and this feature certainly accomplishes that goal.”

In addition to the new peer-to-peer features, Quick 121 Sales also offers users free access to its online web portal. “It was important to provide a portal for users that don’t have a web presence,” said Hill, “it’s the key to launching live presentations in seconds.”

The 121 Presenter is freely available by download from Quick 121 Sales


Quick 121 Sales, founded in 2010, provides sales training to B2B sales professionals along with free presentation software used for delivering live, web based sales presentations.