IQ Interactive Pushes Online Innovation with Microsoft Silverlight

Atlanta-based IQ Interactive (IQ) pushes the online experience envelope by using Microsoft Silverlight to create Microsoft Corp.’s breakthrough My Health Info application, available on MSN at .

My Health Info, which launched in November 2009, is a unique service that helps people manage their health information online. My Health Info offers people a variety of tools and widgets to upload, organize and monitor health information stored in their personal Microsoft HealthVault accounts, allowing them to research medical concerns, read the latest health news, gain guidance from medical experts, monitor conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes and much more.

IQ teamed up with Ironworks Consulting to build My Health Info with Silverlight, enabling users to tailor their own health management experience. The dynamic design platform also presents a library of widgets that consumers can select from to customize their experience.

“This is one of the first data-driven dashboards IQ has created with Silverlight and one of the most sophisticated dashboards created in any category utilizing the technology,” said Tony Quin, IQ CEO. “Consumers want functional utility from their favorite brands and this platform approach paves the way for significant differentiation for businesses that elect to become early adopters.”

As Silverlight market adoption continues to increase, IQ elected to expand its strategic planning, user experience architecture and development teams in support of the Silverlight platform, reflecting the shift in the marketplace to new presentation technologies. IQ extended the depth and breadth of its partnership with Ironworks in support of an ever expanding commitment to deepen the technology offerings of the company.

“IQ has been on the leading-edge of Adobe Flash development for years,” said Charles Duncan, IQ Director of Technology, “The technical competency we’ve achieved with Silverlight has made IQ a unique player in the digital space. We now have the confidence to choose the technology that best suits the needs of our clients.”

About IQ Interactive

IQ is a digital advertising agency. Based in Atlanta with offices in New York, IQ was founded in 1995 as a traditional agency and has evolved since 2000 to become a leading expert in digital marketing. The agency specializes in helping brands plan and build the digital marketing ecosystems that are essential for success in the digital age. With numerous fortune 100 clients including UPS, Microsoft, Johnson & Johnson and IBM, and the most prestigious awards in the world including the Grand Prix at Cannes, IQ has proven its unique ability to successfully guide brands to a competitive advantage in the new digitally driven marketplace. To view the IQ Interactive portfolio visit: .