DoodleDeals Inks High-Profile Distribution Agreements

DoodleDeals, the leading daily deal site for parents, today announced that it has partnered with Google Offers. Google Offers provides subscribers with a collection of personalized deals sourced directly from merchants as well as trusted partners like DoodleDeals, all in one place.

“Google Offers is the first partnership we’ve done to get our deals in front of such a broad audience, so we’re excited about its potential,” says Caren Sinclair-Kay, DoodleDeals CEO and co-founder.

Google Offers caps a flurry of national and local distribution partnerships brokered by DoodleDeals this season, among them, Time Out New York Kids, and New York Magazine. DoodleDeals is also preparing to roll out with Analog Analytics, a white-label deal platform that works with companies like Time Warner Cable, KABC, and Newsday. DoodleDeals, which launched in August 2010 with, estimates its total reach will be upwards of 4.5 million consumers by the end of this year.

Amy Chernoff, DoodleDeals VP of Business Development, explains that under this new distribution model, businesses come out the big winners. “DoodleDeals merchants can now introduce their brand to new families across a wide range of audiences, exponentially expanding their reach in the most efficient and cost effective way,” Chernoff says.

Partners are able to pick and choose from the offers negotiated by, according to their audience. “It was a natural fit for us,” says Marisa Farina, EVP and Group Publisher of Time Out North America. “Like our editors, DoodleDeals understands that families are looking for activities that will engage kids and parents alike. By teaming up with DoodleDeals, we are able to offer New Yorkers discounts for some of the same events they read about in the magazine and online.”

Sinclair-Kay confirms that the company’s careful curation serves both sides of the deal equation: “Through our partnership with, we learned that when you match a high quality, targeted audience with best-in-class venues, you create a magic formula that benefits local businesses and moms.”

DoodleDeals’ first deal through Google Offers debuted this morning, October 27.

DoodleDeals is a discovery and daily deal site serving families with offers up to 90% off children’s classes, museums, birthday parties, entertainment and more. Through their distribution network, they distribute their top quality daily deals to millions of users throughout the United States.