Officescape® Offers Distributed Call Center Software as a Part of Telework Solution

Officescape has recently released its newest software which enables companies to utilize a distributed call center model to help reduce overhead expenses, recruit from a larger talent pool and retain top talent. This new software combines the functionality of a robust call center software module with Officescape’s advanced Unified Communications Server to create the ideal solution for work-at-home agents (WAHA) or distributed call center needs.

Improving upon an existing Personalized Phone Answering software module that Officescape has been using to answer calls at its office business centers for many years, the new software includes many features found in only a handful of best-in-class remote call center software packages. These features include in-depth performance management tools, multi-channel communications options, remote logoff capabilities and much more. Depending on the specific needs of a business, this software can be set to provide a simple framework for phone answering but is fully-scalable to support multiple queries and thousands of agents, if necessary. Officescape has designed the system to be fully-integrated with its own Unified Communications server and Telework platform, if so desired, to operate independently or integrate with many existing systems. With an understanding of the importance of remote agent management and the unique obstacles managers face, Officescape has created in-depth manager capabilities to view agent/queue status and set customized call routing rules based on agent capability, scoring or responsibility.

Officescape’s Distributed Call Center software is IP-based and designed to be cost-effective and scalable enough to meet the needs of a business at all stages of its development. Built on an open platform, it can be easily integrated and continually upgraded to add additional features as requested or as technology improves. For more information about Officescape’s Distributed Call Center Software call 888-893-1234 or visit their website .

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