1-800-Recycling.com Encourages Energy Reduction – The Digital Way

1-800-Recycling.com, an interactive nationwide website dedicated to enhancing and democratizing the consumer recycling experience while making practical suggestions about green living, has published an article on its blog that explores and encourages investment in devices that encourage eco-friendly practices.

The article, titled “ Digitally Reduce Your Energy Usage ,” analyzes the results of a study by the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory of the Energy Department, which clearly determines the general public’s propensity to save energy if given the tools to better monitor usage. The piece then recommends links to makers of energy efficient thermostats and general information resources.

“At 1-800-Recycling.com, we’re committed to helping consumers all over the country by covering all the latest green living issues,” said John S. Shegerian, Chairman and CEO of Electronic Recyclers International (ERI), the nation’s leading recycler of electronics and e-waste, and parent company of 1-800-Recycling. “A big part of our mission is to empower people with more information, so it made sense to encourage the purchase of energy efficient thermostats and other gadgets that keep your finger on the pulse of your family’s energy usage. Being better informed is the first step to reducing your carbon footprint and actively making an environmental difference.”

1-800-Recycling.com features an archive of original news articles about green practices for businesses or individuals, recycling, tips, educational information and interviews. Content is updated daily, and for those reading the articles who become inspired, 1-800-Recycling.com provides its visitors everywhere in the United States with a dedicated tool to find recycling locations nearest to them (every zip code in the country is covered) for whatever it is they wish to recycle.

Consumers can also opt to call 1-800-Recycling via telephone for a 24/7 phone line resource. Both the site and the phone service will be able to direct users to responsible recyclers of electronics, tires, oil, paint, glass, plastic, household hazardous waste, wood, mattresses, carpet, junk – basically everything that can be recycled.

For more information on recycling, please visit http://1800recycling.com .

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