DotGov Inc. Announces Gov 2.0 Mobile Platform for Government

With the recent Open Data directive and Open Government policies in place, all levels of government are currently implementing strategies to use internet and social media tools to become more transparent, accessible, and engaging with its citizens. While most effort is currently put into web portals, smart phones – like the iPhone or Google Android equipped phones – are expected to become the dominant platform to access the web.

New Gov 2.0 start-up company DotGov, Inc., based in Seattle, is jumping in to fill this gap by developing a mobile platform that will radically change how citizens interact with their local government. This app will provide citizens with tools to directly interact with their city and benefit from all information and services local governments offer in an unprecedented way.

President and CEO Michael Riedyk, who has been working in eGov for more than 10 years, explains, “This innovative mobile app gives you faster and easier access to all sorts of city and county services and will make use of the location-based GPS features most smart phones have nowadays. Individuals will have their government in their pocket, literally.”

DotGov is collaborating closely with Arvada CO, Manor TX, Rockwall TX and Mecklenburg County NC during the development and innovation process. Last month 1 million citizens were given the opportunity to submit ideas online and to vote on others, giving clear priorities for app features.

DotGov plans to launch this innovative way to interact with government in May 2010.