PipeLine Introduces High-Performance, High-Value Cables and Accessories at RadioShack

PipeLine, LLC is pleased to announce that PipeLine’s high-performance audio/video cables and accessories are now available in RadioShack stores nationwide. PipeLine brings decades of experience in carefully optimizing cable design, materials and manufacturing process to deliver high-performance, low-distortion audio and video cables. PipeLine offers a broad line of cables and accessories that define leading-edge performance at accessible prices.

“RadioShack is giving PipeLine the opportunity to take everything we’ve learned about creating the most honest and highest-performing products, and applying that knowledge and experience to the creation of each and every one of PipeLine’s products,” says PipeLine’s William E. Low. “PipeLine is a series of best-of-breed products, and will be an ever-evolving family.”

“Bringing in a performance leader like PipeLine is a big win for RadioShack customers,” says John Lostroscio, merchant vice president for consumer electronics at RadioShack Corp., based in Fort Worth, Texas. “We’re thrilled to bring such a high level of performance to RadioShack’s leading assortment of audio-video components and at a value that our customers expect.”

PipeLine’s ET-5 HDMI cables are available now in RadioShack stores nationwide, priced at $49.99 for a 4-ft. run and $59.99 for an 8-ft. run. New configurations are expected to follow in the months ahead.

About PipeLine

Based in Irvine, CA., PipeLine is an expansion of The Quest Group, an organization founded by William E. Low, which has grown to include multiple brands. PipeLine is the culmination of over 30 years of extensive observation and research into the design and development of analog and digital audio cables. PipeLine’s mission is based on one simple mandate: Bring superior performance and extraordinary value to a larger audience. The company is privately owned. For more information, please visit http://www.PipeLineET.com