Aestiva Launches First-of-a-Kind Browser-Based Job Manager Software Product

Aestiva Software unveiled its new product for managing a wide variety of jobs in businesses, called Aestiva Job Manager . Aestiva Job Manager is already deployed in a growing list of organizations, helping them vastly improve how they manage processes and projects – for applications such as RFQs and Quotations, Advertising Campaigns, Employee Records, Work Orders, Custom Jobs, and many more.

Electronic forms technology makes Aestiva Job Manager intuitive and easy to configure for a myriad of unique business process so they can be managed effectively, efficiently and correctly. Because Aestiva Job Manager is 100% browser-based , large numbers of users can access their system easily via a company server or globally via the web without installing special software.

Among the features that come with this powerful and highly-flexible software are:

  • Unlimited levels of staff, department managers and supervisors.
  • Unlimited number of sign-offs per job.
  • Automated email alerts with remind-until-done feature for managing job sub-tasks.
  • User-defined fields (pull-downs, query-fields, add-ons, post-approvals, line items, notes, etc.) for adding extended job tracking capabilities.
  • Unlimited File Attachments per job.
  • Proxy user features to handle users on vacation.

Advanced report-generation tools with Aestiva Job Manager let companies create their own reports, with single-click data flow of reports to spreadsheets and charting software. Aestiva Job Manager also includes important security, and audit trail features. For more information visit:

About Aestiva Software:

Founded in 1996, Aestiva serves over a thousand customers worldwide. Aestiva solutions significantly streamline and improve business processes. The company specializes in 100% browser-native technology that can be installed with limited or no IT overhead . Live web demonstrations are available by calling 1-888-AESTIVA (237-8482) or 1-310-697-0338.