New my4oneone Concept in Online Personal Information Sharing and Storage Brings New Dimension to Social Networking

A new website concept called my4oneone debuts today and brings a powerful new dimension to social networking. My4oneone is a unique and innovative way to store, access and share a wide range of personal information online in one secure location. That information is then accessible anywhere via computer, tablet or smartphone.

My4oneone offers a unique combination of shareability with multiple levels of access, social networking with the ability to post comments, and an unmatched breadth of information categories. In a single, user-friendly platform, the site combines several very popular functions (and more) that currently require people to register and jump between multiple websites. In addition, authorized friends/contacts can access information quickly and easily without having to bother the user.

“My4oneone offers a single place online to store all the personal information you currently keep in your wallet, purse, file cabinet, desk drawer and in your head,” said Co-founder Greg Hernandez. “Our website fills a void in the rapidly growing arena of social networking, and we are pleased to see many top CEOs and business executives appreciating the very promising future of”

When fully deployed, my4oneone users will be able to share personal information, wish lists, calendars, recommended service providers, medical information and more with friends, family, professional associates and other contacts via the Cloud. Users have absolute control over who sees their information and can reserve specified data for their own personal use.

Access settings include “Private” for the user’s access only; “Privileged” for selected close family or friends; “Personal” for a wider set of friends/contacts; and “Public” for any member of my4oneone.

At launch, my4oneone will offer functions including myFriends (other people designated as Personal or Privileged contacts), myWishlist, myProfile (with a highly detailed set of information), myChildren (the ability for a parent/s to create a Profile and Wish List for their children) and myActivity (tracking all actions by both user and contacts for easy reference). Site visitors will be able to comment on all data fields in each of these areas.

Planned additions to the site include Categories to store a wide range of information, myCalendar, myMedical, myRecommendations on products and services, myRatings of things like movies and books, and People Like Me as well as iPhone, iPad and Android apps.

Visit to see this new innovation in social networking and personal information storage in action.